From the Principal

Dear parents and carers and friends, recently we enjoyed a highly successful Swimming Carnival Day. It was great to see so many students competing and cheering. The weather was also kind which was a bonus.

NAPLAN took place last week. It was encouraging to see our Year 7 and 9 students putting in their best effort.

The 3.54 Million we have received for Stage 1 capital works is about to turn real. In the second half of the year, construction is due to begin. Our Art and Technology building will be getting completely upgraded as part of the Stage 1. In addition, two major student outdoor courtyard areas will be completely upgraded this year. This will provide new and exciting areas for our students to socialise during recess and lunchtime. Very exciting times!

The Show Must Go On. After two years of Covid lockdowns, our annual Whole School Musical experience is back. This year, our production is: The Show Must Go On. Auditions are currently taking place! The excitement. Our policy stands: all students who audition will get a part! How inclusive, no?

Wellbeing and Student Leadership are priorities here at Warrandyte High School. Our vertical home groups are continuing to go from strength to strength. In these sessions, students engage in wellbeing activities as well as have their say about things that matter to them.

Our Student Voice Council meet regularly with me and together we are achieving so much which is very exciting. Recently, the Student Voice Council organised for students to complete two surveys whilst in their Home Group, both surveys invited students to give us a snapshot of their current school experiences. We are now examining the information we have generated with the view of seeing how we can make the Warrandyte High School experience even more enjoyable.

Our Accelerated Program (LEAP) students are continuing to enjoy being challenged and extended in their classes. Prospective parents are reminded that registration for our 2023 Year 7 Accelerated (LEAP) class must be done via our website. All details for both our LEAP Program and indeed our Sports Academy can be found on our website.

Speaking of our Sports Academy, students in both our AFL and Basketball Program are loving the experience. We are very fortunate to have David McKay (former player for the Adelaide Crows) coaching our AFL Academy students and Brad Waters (who has extensive Basketball experience) coaching our Basketball Program.

In this edition, you will get to see so much more of the wonderful activities and opportunities happening here.

Joseph Caruana  – Principal (Acting)

The re-scheduled 2021 Awards Presentation Night

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed students, parents, relatives and friends, teachers and distinguished guests to the Warrandyte High School, 2021 School Awards evening….albeit a rescheduled event! On Wednesday May 4th we revisited 2021 to celebrate the achievements of our students.

2021 was a challenging year but despite all they encountered our students still achieved personal success in the pursuit of academic and artistic excellence, citizenship, sport and endeavour. While these achievements were acknowledged during the year through, Compass, our official Facebook Page or website and newsletter, it was important that we also enable our students’ families and the wider community to be part of the celebrations and that we provide opportunities for our younger student leaders to witness the successes of our senior students.

Together we celebrated and recognised those students who excelled in 2021 and wished them continuing success for the future. We acknowledged and gave thanks to those students who have taken on the responsibility of being our student leaders in 2022. These students indicated their willingness to contribute their own time and initiative for the greater good of our whole school community and have been duly appointed to student leadership positions for 2022.

Year Level Awards

Last year many students at all year levels received awards in the categories of academic and artistic excellence, citizenship, sport and endeavour at Year Level assemblies. The following students were recognised as the overall recipient of each category. These awards were presented to the students by School Captains Lili Al Gawi and Brandon Robb.


Year Sport WHS Award Endeavour Citizenship Arts Academic
7 Teagan Potter Tabitha Young Jessica Russell Lasenya Isaacs Layne Carnes Layne Carnes
8 Jamie Guymer Regan Plumridge Grace Jones Grace Synhur Grace Jones Regan Plumridge
9 Atalia Kelly Mark Fadel Tanisha Rai Mark Fadel Stephanie Laukart Nimo
10 Lily Hellier Jayde
Al Bakiri
Lucia Rossi Amber Gedge Jasmine Lui
11 Nathan Hellings Lili Al Gawi Elloise Killen Jessica Wellington Lucas Gillard Goode Olivia Jennings

The Dux – Sponsored by Warrandyte Rotary Club

Presented by Simone Spence – School Council President to Victor Lie
The Dux of the school is the student who achieved the highest ATAR score in VCE. With an impressive score of 95.85 the Dux of 2021 Victor certainly demonstrated his pursuit of excellence.

Victor gave a heart-warming speech which can be read in full in this edition of Gang Gang

Sponsored Awards

Most of these awards carry monetary prizes and are sponsored by a range of community groups and businesses whose continued support of the school in this capacity is greatly appreciated. Warrandyte High School is grateful for the continued support of those who sponsor our awards, helping to nurture and encourage a culture of excellence and pursuit of personal achievement. Representatives from these groups made presentations and enjoyed the opportunity to meet students, parents and staff.

  • The Kiwanis Award: Lucia Rossi
    The Kiwanis Award is presented for good citizenship to a student in Year 10. This award is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Waverly and was presented by Bruce Entwistle
  • The WHS Sport Award: Atalia Kelly
    This award is presented for outstanding achievement in the sporting arena. It is sponsored by the Lions Club of Warrandyte and was presented by David Englefield.
  • WHS Excellence in the Arts: Amber Gedge
    This award, also sponsored by the Lions Club of Warrandyte, recognises a student who excels in an area of the Arts whether it be performing, visual or musical.
  • WHS Music Excellence: Lucas Gillard Goode
    This award, also sponsored by the Lions Club of Warrandyte, recognises a student who shows leadership and commitment to our music program.
  • The Rotary Endeavour Award: Jessica Russell
    This award, sponsored by Warrandyte and Donvale Rotary Club, recognises ongoing and sustained determination and commitment to doing their best. It is awarded to a student who has earned the respect of their peers and teachers because of their ability to face challenges with a positive mindset. It was presented by Pippa Birch.
  • The Rotary Excellence Award: Layne Carnes
    This award is presented to a student for sustained excellence in attitude, effort and achievement as nominated by the teachers of Warrandyte High School.
  • Literary Excellence: Sotir Stojanovic
    This award recognises the student who achieved the highest study score in VCE English in 2021. This award is sponsored by the Warrandyte market and presented by Gavin Birch.
  • Jean Pierre Lajoie Award: Reagan Plumridge
    Warrandyte High School suffered a great loss in 2005 with the passing of Jean Pierre Lajoie. Jean Pierre had been a maths and science teacher at the school for 18 years. During this time he held many positions of responsibility at the school, including Science Coordinator and School Councillor. He also initiated the Year 11 Kakadu Trips and led many of these. However, he will be best remembered as a dedicated level Leader for whom the students came first, second and third. Jean Pierre was much loved by staff, students and parents and in his memory the school presents the Jean Pierre Lajoie Award. This award is bestowed upon a Year 8 student who best reflects the spirit of Jean Pierre and is sponsored by the Warrandyte Market Committee.
  • The Spirit of Warrandyte Award – Mark Fadel
    The Spirit of Warrandyte Award is sponsored by Ryan Smith, the member for Warrandyte and the shadow minister for finance, planning and heritage and suburban recovery. The award is given to a student who embodies the true qualities of community spirit, reliability, and friendship.
  • The ANZAC Award: Jessica Wellington
    This award is sponsored by Warrandyte RSL and is awarded to the Year 11 student who best exemplifies the spirit and values of the ANZACs, such as determination and mateship. This award will be presented by Jim Pleasance on behalf of Warrandyte RSL.
  • ADF Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Emma Dodds & Jayde McIver
    ADF Future Innovators Emma Dodds & Codi Cooper
    Each year the ADF recognise a year 10 and 12 students who have demonstrated leadership and teamwork or the potential to innovate for the future.
    Year 10 Literary Excellence Award: Rebecca Nettleton
    This award is sponsored by the Warrandyte Diary and provides offers a 10-week work experience placement at the Diary – it is comprehensive program which introduces students to all aspects of print journalism.
  • Year 11 Literary Excellence Award: Olivia Jennings
    The year 11 award is sponsored by Insight Publications and provides the highest scoring year 11 English student with a full suite of their VCE texts and supplementary guidebooks.

Judy Steel

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Victor Liu, Dux 2021: Speech to 2021 Awards Presentation Night

Hello everyone:
I am Victor
It’s been a long time since the last time I was here in the theatre. It’s such a pleasure to be invited to attend this award night.

As an international student, I felt respected by my dear teachers and classmates and included in the whole Warrandyte High School community. When I first came to Warrandyte High School, I was truly attracted by the artworks posted around the campus. My two-year journey at Warrandyte High School will be one of my most cherished memories for my whole life. Like Lunar New Year’s party, the sports meet, the swimming day, every talk with my lovely teachers…… I’ll put this all in my heart.

2021 has indeed been a roller coaster just like the 2020. We were in lockdown for almost half of the teaching period. But I am extremely glad at the fact that our school committee members, as well as teachers, are putting in every effort to teach the highest lessons in education and setting a moral example during this hard time. I want to express my big gratitude to my fellow teachers.

Now I am doing Bachelor of Science degree In the University of Melbourne and planning to continue with the Master and PHD degree of Electrical Engineering. I would like to give some advice to the current students of Warrandyte High School here.
First, study what you are interested in and have a clear plan in mind of what you would like to do in the future. This is the only way to keep you motivated during hard times.
Second, study smart instead of study hard. Use your time efficiently and avoid distractions when you are studying. AND >>>>>>> Do learn from your mistakes and try to avoid it next time.

Finally, DON’T BE A NERD!!!! Scores and homework are not everything in your life. Go out and have a picnic with your friends and family, enjoy the sunshine when you are tired and stressed, play some games when you get bored with the textbook.

At the very end, I want to again express my gratitude to all the school committee members and teachers for every effort they put into us.

Thank you so much!

Career News

Today the first of a series on “Where are they now?’ aka a look at some of Warrandyte High’s past students and their interesting careers and post-school journeys.
If you have the details of an ex-students with interesting careers story to tell please email me the details.

Melissa King – graduated from Warrandyte High in 1994. Today Melissa is one of Australia’s best known gardeners and star of the Channel 7, national, weekly life style show, Better Homes and Gardens

Question: What did you do after finishing school?
Answer: Straight after school I did a degree in Horticulture at Burnley College in Richmond which is a part of the University of Melbourne.

Question: Did you know what you wanted to do after leaving school? Was there a defining moment during your time at school when you realised what you wanted to do with your life?
Answer: I loved plants and gardening from a very young age, but I think I realised that it was what I wanted to do for a career when, at 15, I was given the opportunity to do work experience through school. I did my work experience at Warran Glen Garden Centre in Warrandyte and enjoyed it so much that I went on to work there during holidays and on weekends for the next 7 years.

Question: And what are you doing now at the peak of your career?

Answer: I’ve been working as a gardening and lifestyle television presenter now for 20 years and these days I’m a presenter on Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens, which is an incredible program with incredible people. 
It’s been an exciting journey. I started my career writing for gardening magazines and giving talks, then I was asked to co-host a radio show every weekend. My co-host John Patrick was a presenter on Gardening Australia on the ABC and he heard that they were looking to inject some youth into the show so he got me an audition. I got my start on Gardening Australia on the ABC, which was an amazing training ground. I’ve also worked on Channel 9’s ‘Garden Gurus’, ‘Gurus Explore’ (travel show), ‘What’s Good for You’ and ‘Battlefronts’, Channel 10’s ‘The Circle’, Channel 7’s ‘Melbourne Weekender’ and Foxtel’s ‘Garden Angels’. I’ve also been lucky to travel the world as a tour leader and through my work on TV. This year I got my first invite to the Logies which is really exciting.

Question: Were there things that your education/training did not prepare you for, and/or what would you recommend students look out for as they prepare to enter the world of work?

Answer: When I was in my final years at Uni I initially wanted to work in the area of Heritage Gardens. I was particularly interested in garden restoration. I loved the idea of digging up the bones of an old garden, researching its history and restoring it to its former glory using old photos, diaries, gardening catalogues and family history. But when it came time to find a job there were no entry opportunities in that area. I felt sometimes like there was a bit of a disconnect between what we were studying and the potential to actually pursue those areas of study as a career. I guess I wish I had had more career counselling at university.
I also dreamed about getting into Gardening Television, but didn’t know how to do it.

Question: If you could impart a word of wisdom, what would be your message to current students at Warrandyte High School?

Answer: I guess the advice that I would give you is that if you run into brick walls find ways to create opportunities and open doors for yourself. And once you find what it is that you want to do, network and tell people about it. You’ll be surprised how many doors will open for you.

Question: Do you recall some of your favourite subjects at school, and why you enjoyed them?
Answer: I always loved Biology, which forms so much of the basis of what I do now. I also really enjoyed Maths. I had Mr Hickman for Maths and he was really good at making me feel challenged. I’ve always been pretty sporty, so I also loved PE. Sprinting and Basketball were my favourites.

Question: Do you have any enduring/favourite or funny memory/memories of your time at Warrandyte High?
Answer: I always loved the musicals every year. The school had an amazing reputation for putting on a great show. My favourite was playing Frenchie in Grease.
I also made lots of lasting friendships at Warrandyte High. I’m still best friends with high school mates.

Melissa King in Year 9 1991

Melissa King in WHS Production My Fair Lady

Melissa King on Better Homes and Gardens

The new Secondary School Reforms explained

You may have heard in the media or in your classrooms about the reforms being made to alternative pathways to VCE. Staff in all schools are currently working to write curriculum and put in place all the necessary requirements to implements the new reforms in 2023.
We are in our early stages of development and our enthusiastic and excited team of Claire Bloom, Martika Milenkovic, Ashleigh Degering, Irene Tarabolsi, Leanne Zammit and Judy Steel are busily researching, collaborating and producing materials for this new addition to what we offer our senior students.

The information below is VCAA’s explanation of what each of the courses of study involve.
Stay tuned to this space for further updates!

What is the VCE Vocational Major (VM)?
The VCE Vocational Major is a new vocational and applied learning program that sits within the VCE. It is four new subjects that have been added to the VCE that will make up the core of your program. It takes what is called an ‘Applied Learning approach”. Applied learning involves students engaging in relevant and authentic learning experiences. It is a method of learning where theoretical information comes to life for students in a real world context that relates directly to their own future, is within their own control and is within an environment where they feel safe and respected.  Students’ knowledge grows and expands as they take action to learn, reflect on that action and plan how to do it better next time.

The VCE Vocational Major is the replacement for the Intermediate and Senior VCAL. It is a two year program over Year 11 and 12. Only students who enrol in the full program can choose these new VCE VM studies.

The VCE Vocational Major will prepare students to move successfully into apprenticeships, traineeships, further education and training, university through alternative entry programs or directly into the workforce. The four main studies are assessed at a school level through authentic assessment activities. There are no external examinations for the VCE VM studies and therefore students do not receive a study score, and are not eligible to receive an ATAR.

Students who have completed the satisfactory completion requirements of the VCE VM will receive a Victorian Certificate of Education with the words Vocational Major on it to recognise their achievements.

How is the VCE VM structured?
The VCE Vocational Major has specific subjects designed to prepare students for a vocational pathway. The subjects are VCE VM Literacy, VCE VM Numeracy, VCE VM Work Related Skills, and VCE VM Personal Development Skills (and 180 hours of VET at Certificate II level or above).

Each subject has four units and each unit has a set of outcomes which are assessed through a range of learning activities and tasks.

Students will apply knowledge and skills in practical settings and also undertake community-based activities and projects that involve working in a team.

What do I have to do to get my VCE VM?
Students must successfully finish at least 16 units, including:

  • 3 VCE VM Literacy or VCE English units (including a Unit 3–4 sequence)
  • 3 other Unit 3-4 sequences
  • VCE VM Numeracy or VCE Mathematics units
  • 2 VCE VM Work Related Skills units
  • 2 VCE VM Personal Development Skills units, and
  • 2 VET credits at Certificate II level or above (180 hours)

Most students will undertake between 16-20 units over the two years. You can also do other VCE subjects, and structured workplace learning.

Who decides if I have satisfactorily completed a VCE or VCE VM unit?
The result of Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory is determined at a school level for each unit.

This decision is based on the work submitted and must follow the VCAA, and school, rules and procedures.

Can I combine VCE subjects with VCE VM subjects?
Yes. Students may access and gain credit for any VCE subject in addition to the mandatory requirements of the VCE VM.
Can I participate in Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) or a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SBAT) as a part of the VCE VM?
Yes, SWL or an SBAT can be included in the VCE VM. Students can receive credit for time in the workplace via Structured Workplace Learning Recognition.

VCE VM Subject Overviews
Literacy empowers students to read, write, speak and listen in different contexts. Literacy enables students to understand the different ways in which knowledge and opinion are represented and developed in daily life in the 21st Century. The development of literacy in this study design is based upon applied learning principles, making strong connections between students’ lives and their learning. By engaging with a wide range of content drawn from a range of local and global cultures, forms and genres, including First Nations Peoples’ knowledge and voices, students learn how information can be shown through print, visual, oral, digital and multimodal representations.

Along with the literacy practices necessary for reading and interpreting meaning, it is important that students develop their capacity to respond to information. Listening, viewing, reading, speaking and writing are developed so that students can communicate effectively both in writing and orally. A further key part of literacy is that students develop their understanding of how written, visual and oral communication are designed to meet the demands of different audiences, purposes and contexts, including workplace, vocational and community contexts. This understanding helps students develop their own writing and oracy, so that they become confident in their use of language in a variety of settings.

VCE VM Numeracy empowers students to use mathematics to make sense of the world and apply mathematics in a context for a social purpose. Numeracy gives meaning to mathematics, where mathematics is the tool (knowledge and skills) to be applied efficiently and critically. Numeracy involves the use and application of a range of mathematical skills and knowledge which arise in a range of different contexts and situations.

VCE VM Numeracy enables students to develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies in their everyday activities. It develops students’ problem-solving skills, and allows them to make sense of numbers, time, patterns and shapes for everyday activities like cooking, gardening, sport and travel. Through the applied learning principles Numeracy students will understand the mathematical requirements for personal organisation matters involving money, time and travel. They can then apply these skills to their everyday lives to recognise monetary value, understand scheduling and timetabling, direction, planning, monetary risk and reward.

VCE VM Numeracy is based on an applied learning approach to teaching, ensuring students feel empowered to make informed choices about the next stage of their lives through experiential learning and authentic learning experiences.

VCE Vocational Major Numeracy focuses on enabling students to develop and enhance their numeracy skills to make sense of their personal, public and vocational lives. Students develop mathematical skills with consideration of their local, national and global environments and contexts, and an awareness and use of appropriate technologies.

This study allows students to explore the underpinning mathematical knowledge of number and quantity, measurement, shape, dimensions and directions, data and chance, the understanding and use of systems and processes, and mathematical relationships and thinking. This mathematical knowledge is then applied to tasks which are part of the students’ daily routines and practices, but also extends to applications outside the immediate personal environment, such as the workplace and community.

The contexts are the starting point and the focus, and are framed in terms of personal, financial, civic, health, recreational and vocational classifications. These numeracies are developed using a problem-solving cycle with four components: formulating; acting on and using mathematics; evaluating and reflecting; and communicating and reporting.

Personal Development Skills
The VCE VM Personal Development Skills study focuses on helping students develop personal identity and individual pathways to optimal health and wellbeing. It begins with concepts of personal identity and the range of factors that contribute to an individual’s perception of self. Students will investigate health in their community and play an active, participatory role in designing and implementing activities to improve community health and wellbeing.

Students will examine community participation and how people work together effectively to achieve shared goals. They will investigate different types of communities at a local, national, and global level. Students will look at active citizenship and they will investigate the barriers and enablers to problem solving within the community. Students understand different perspectives on issues affecting their community, they will also plan, implement and evaluate an active response to community need.

The study examines interpersonal skills and social awareness in different settings and contexts. Students will examine leadership qualities and the characteristics of effective leaders and how these qualities can be applied to the achievement of goals within personal and community contexts. Students participate in an extended project relating to a community issue. Students will identify environmental, cultural, economic and social issues affecting the community and select one for an extended community project. Students will reflect on how community awareness of their selected issue can be improved.

Work Related Skills
VCE VM Work Related Skills allows students to understand and apply concepts and terminology related to the workplace and further studies to understand the complex and rapidly changing world of work and workplace environments. It helps students understand and develop their skills, knowledge, capabilities and attributes as they relate to further education and employment, to develop effective communication skills to enable self-reflection and self-promotion and to practically apply their skills and knowledge.

This subject requires students to think about and investigate potential employment pathways, to develop a career action plan, to seek appropriate advice and feedback on planned career and further study objectives. Students are required to consider the distinction between essential employability skills, specialist, and technical work skills; to understand transferable skills and identify their personal skill and capabilities and promote them through development of a cover letter and resume and through mock interviews.

Students also learn about healthy, collaborative and productive workplaces, workplace relationships and investigate key areas relating to workplace relations, including pay conditions and dispute resolution. Students look at how teamwork and effective communication contribute to a healthy, collegiate workplace. Students also learn about promoting themselves and their skills by developing an extensive professional portfolio to use for further education and employment applications.

Open Days 2022

Year 10 Work Experience June 20 – 24

It is very exciting to see work experience forms come in and to hear about some of the interesting placements students have secured. Even if you can’t obtain your dream work experience place, every opportunity will help you in your future planning. Forms must be in by the end of May to allow for processing. Contact me if you have any questions.

Open Days

Here is a list of known tertiary Open Days. Again, it is very exciting to be able to visit institutions in person this year (although many are also offering online options as well). Make sure you put aside a couple of days to get out and visit, whether you are in VCE or younger. The more you can get a feel for a college or university, the better prepared you will be to make decisions, albeit in a month or years to come.

Careers Planning in Year 9

Good luck to Yea r9 as they start preparing for the world of work in Taking the Challenge. Their work will follow on from Morrisby Appraisals and includes researching careers, planning careers, developing resumes and cover letters, gaining OH&S certificates and applying for a USI. What does this all mean? Year 9’s will soon be experts!

The Careers Website and Weekly Newsletter

Please take some time to visit our recently revamped Careers Website. Each week, our Careers Newsletter and other information is uploaded. Make it a habit to visit on a regular basis.

As ever, feel free to contact me via email at

Claire Bloom
Careers Leader

Warrandyte High School House Athletics carnival

Warrandyte High School arrived at BoxHill Athletics track on Thursday 5th May with a bang and ready for some tight events. The weather was clear and the rain stayed away to enable some great competition with a large group of enthusiastic, passionate and motivated students ready to try their best for claim house victory. 250 Warrandyte High School students descended on BoxHill Athletics Track full of colour and with loud voices ready to run, jump, throw and cheer their houses to victory. The participation level was high with many track events requiring heats and field events being extremely busy. Many events were tightly contested with 5 new records being re-written.

Congratulations goes to Joel Denny who broke the 13 year old 800m and 1500m records, Jack Brenan who broke the 200m record and Summer Davis who broke the 17yr Javelin and 17 year old shot put records. I am sure these records will be written in Warrandyte history for many years to come. It was a fantastic effort from all students involved gaining valuable points for their house.

In the end it was a closely contested day with final results coming down to final events and relays. Stiggant was awarded House Athletics Champions for 2022. Congratulations Stiggant.

The final points tally was:
Stiggant – 997
Michel – 844
Anderson – 810
Newman – 691

In addition a House Athletics Champion Trophy was awarded to one student from each house. These students were recognized for gaining the most number of points for their house and for their eager participation on the day.
The House Athletics Champions were:
Stiggant – Josh Evans
Michel – Olivia Jennings
Anderson – Jamie Guymer
Newman – Heidi Pinder

Students who won an event will now progress through to the Mullum Division Athletics competition being held later in term 3. We wish all these students the best of luck and we are sure they will challenge themselves to give 100% and represent the school with pride. Hopefully some of these students can also put their names in the record books for the Mullum Division for some time to come to.

The day is not only about recognising athletic success but also about building house spirit, leadership and cross year level friendships for all students as well as students and teachers building relationship outside the classroom setting. As part of this there was an award for Best Dressed students. There were many students recognised for the amazing costumes of which some included homemade inventions, coloured hair and group themes. The eventual winners of the best dressed competition were:
Erin, Nicolette and Alayna – dressed as Kath, Kim and Sharon
Olivia and Lovelia – dressed as Barbie and Cher
Angus – dressed as a green Olive

A special mention must also be made of the year 12 students who went way beyond expectations with their costumes. It was fantastic to see so many of them involved both on and off the track and thoroughly enjoying their last house competition.

At the athletics sports students are not only recognised for their sporting abilities but also their contribution to their team and demonstration of leadership skills. The eight house captains must be commended on their efforts on the day to encourage all students. Students from all houses and year levels were also able to demonstrate their leadership skills by helping at events by undertaking roles such as racking, measuring, handing round snacks and warm drinks to staff running events and helping with timing. This enabled those students not as keen to participate in events to still gain valuable points to their house. A special thank you to all students who helped out at events on the day but in particular to Grace Jones and Tyler Bull who spent the day at high jump helping staff. Student helpers make the day run a lot smoother and the teachers were greatly appreciative of your help.

A big thank you also goes to all the staff who contributed to making the 2022 House Athletics Carnival a successful and enjoyable day. It was an extremely busy day for all staff either running events, recording results, marshalling students, supervising, cooking a BBQ lunch for staff and students and encouraging all students to do their best.

I look forward to seeing the students compete at the Divisional athletics and building on our house competition moving forward into 2023.

Katie Cook
Sports Leader

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International Student VCE Registration and Pathway Presentation

One of our key education agents-Auswin visited our school on Tuesday 10th of May. The agent had an impressive presentation about the current international student market and briefed the VTAC registration and university course choices for our international students. The presentation was very up – to -date and helpful, giving a thorough picture of the tertiary study and entry requirement for our international students who would like to continue to study in Australia in the future. In the meantime, the agent provided some pathway information to those students who are not confident in their current study or not very sure about their university preference. The feedback from the students was very positive.

Heidi Luo, International Student Coordinator

Donations to the Library – Thank you!

The Warrandyte High Library has been fortunate to receive many high-quality donations in recent weeks. Books are mirrors reflecting ourselves, windows providing glimpses into other worlds and doors opening to journeys into new experiences. We are grateful that our extended community is generously supporting exploration through reading within our school!  

The State Member for the Eastern Metropolitan Region, Sonja Terpstra is a regular donor to our school. This year, her office provided a fabulous selection of engaging, diverse books that add new voices to the collection. Titles included the Readings Young Adult Prize Winner Future Girl, by local Melbourne author Asphyxia, Growing Up Disabled in Australia, providing a perspicacious view of the Australian experience from perspectives that are often marginalised, and the hilarious latest in the Wimpy Kid series.  

A wide range of fantastic graphic novels were kindly donated by Angus Burns-Smith, including the inspirations for the hit Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy, Lovecraftian horrors by Neil Gaiman and Superman/Batman, Jeph Loeb’s exploration of the camaraderie, antagonism, and friendship between its these two great characters. This collection was eagerly received by library users!  

Thank you to all those who consider our library when rehoming books! These donations add depth and breadth to our collection, and we appreciate the opportunity to offer more titles to our patrons. All recently added titles can be perused and reserved through the library web portal!dashboard 

If you are considering giving your books a new lease of life, the Warrandyte High Library gratefully welcomes donations of books in good condition that are relevant to the collection and within the scope of the Collection Management Policy. Share the joy!

The importance of independent reading

Students in years 7 – 9 begin each English lesson with fifteen minutes uninterrupted silent reading on a text of their choice.
The consistent reading time across the week has meant that more students are reading more books; this is exactly what we hope to achieve because as we know ‘the more we read the more we know’ (Dr Seuss). It is also a clam way to begin the lesson in readiness for the learning ahead.

What is Independent Reading?
Independent Reading is time for everyone in the class to read a novel, of their choice, appropriate to their reading ability, silently and uninterrupted.

Why do we do it?

  • Reading contributes to improved learning outcomes in all areas of school.
  • Reading helps develop vocabulary.
  • Reading teaches us about the world.
  • Independent Reading gives us all a choice in what we read.

What does it look like?

  • Everyone will select a book from the library, which is appropriate to their reading ability, in consultation with their teacher.
  • In every English class 15 minutes (minimum) will be devoted to Independent Reading.
  • During this time everyone, including the teacher, will read their novel silently without interruption.
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies are explicitly taught and practised.
  • Students make entries into their Reader’s Notebook to demonstrate their understanding of the comprehension strategies

Students are also encouraged to read at home for a further fifteen to twenty minutes every day.

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IDAHoBIT Day – Tueday May 17th

Tuesday 17th May is IDAHoBIT Day!

This is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism, and Transphobia.

IDAHoBIT Day is about encouraging everyone to be better allies to same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students and staff.

There are a lot of resources that can help inform and support people in being included, respected and accepted in our community.  See our Wellbeing Team for more information.


On Thursday 28th April 2022, Warrandyte High School’s School Captains, Lili AlGawi and Brandon Robb, represented the school by participating in the Rotary Club of Templestowe’s 32nd Schools ANZAC Service.

Although the number of attendees was far smaller than usual due to COVID restrictions, the modified format still allowed students to participate in the wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph located at Templestowe Memorial Reserve on Foote Street.

As the flags flew at half-mast and the Last Post, Australian and New Zealand anthems echoed over the site, school representatives and local dignitaries stood in the drizzling rain, listening solemnly to the accounts remembering all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in war and on operational service.

The accounts of courage, mateship and sacrifice, were not lost on those present. As the ANZAC Requiem was read, those attending recalled the efforts of individuals lost in battle while fighting to maintain our freedoms.


Senior Basketball and Girls AFL

‘May 3rd was another highly successful day with our seniors out at basketball. All five teams showed true sportsmanship and persistence throughout the day, which was truly appreciated by all staff. Representing our school at interschool competitions with such pride, is a true testament to the type of individuals you are. A special mention to our Senior Girls team, who for the second time this year are our division winners. We cannot wait to see you in action at the next stage. 

In addition to this, on May 9th, we had a wonderful day out at the girls AFL, with a junior and senior team in action for the day. Although we were pipped at the post on more than one occasion, the dedication and grit all students showed was fantastic to see. Although this year feels as though it has just begun, we cannot wait for 2023 to see these girls playing footy again!

A special mention to Mr Jones, who has been an amazing member of the WHS PE staff for the last 6 years. Without all of his effort, expertise and training help, these teams, along with the many others, would not have been as engaged and ready for our days out. We will miss you and hope to see you around.’

Katie Cook
Sports Leader

Warrandyte High School House Cross Country

On Thursday 7th April Warrandyte High School ran its annual house cross country competition. Whilst the weather was a little cold in the morning it cleared to be perfect running conditions by midday. Students from year 9 – 12 signed up to participate whilst all students in years 7 and 8 participated. In the end there were many great races however Stiggant ended up dominating the event. The final results being:

First – Stiggant 188 points
Second – Newman 136 points
Third – Michel 95 points
Fourth – Anderson 59 points.

Lots of races were closely contested with some great times being recorded with multiple records being made. Congratulations to Joel Denny, Jacob Habel, Rafael Martini and Atalia Kelly who all broke their age group records.

A group of 50 students will now go on to represent the school at the division cross country being held at the end of May. We wish all students the best of luck at the next round and hope to see many of them completing personal best times and going through to the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Finals.

Ms Katie Cook (Sports Coordinator)


In the Classrooms

Members of the school leadership team regularly visit classes and witness the wonderful teaching and learning happening daily.
Here are some snapshots from recent weeks:

Big Science Competition

The Big Science Competition returned to Warrandyte High School this year. The 50-minute test challenges students’ scientific knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills through a series of multiple choice questions. These are set in real-life on contemporary contexts making them relatable to students. This year all students in the year 7 LEAP program (pictured) participated along with members from year 8,9 and 10. We look forward to our students receiving their competition results and celebrating their achievements.

Food Technology

Year 10 students created some wonderfully delicious and creatively decorated chocolate cakes for Easter. If the photographs are any indication, these cakes would have certainly made some families very happy when they arrived home from school.
Fabulous work year 10 and Ms Boykett!

Maths and Science in Action

Mr Gedge (Year 9 Maths) and Ms Boodle (VCE Biology) in full swing teaching algebra and cells respectively.

Foxy Art

A great display of artwork inspired by an Australian favourite: Fox by Margaret Wild

Community News

Looking for a new sport? Try Cross Country running!

As a parent of a cross country runner, I can honestly say there is nothing better than watching your child run through mud, rain, grassy paddocks, sunshine, up and down hills on a winter’s afternoon. It truly builds resilience, determination and true grit – great life qualities!

Judy Steel

The Diamond Valley Athletic Club invites students – & their parents – interested in a season of Cross Country running with Athletics Victoria, to register their interest with DVAC Registrar, Lyn Davis on mob: 0409 005 406 or email:

Competition age groups for girls and boys are Under 14, Under 16, Under 18 and Under 20. As well, the competition is available to Open age, 40+ & 50+ age categories. Training sessions under qualified Coaches are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at Willinda Park, Greensborough from 4:30pm. These sessions are free to club members.

The season of Cross Country running with AV commences on Saturday 7th May with Cross Country relays at Jells Park, Wheelers Hill. Junior athletes run a distance of 3km & senior athletes run legs of 6km.

The 2022 Winter season offers a mixture of Cross Country & Road running to cater for all abilities.

For further information, contact DVAC Secretary, Max Balchin on 0409 350 280 or check the websites or