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Dr. Stephen Parkin Principal

Principal’s Message

Warrandyte High School is a great school. It has strong links with its local community. A beautiful, natural setting just 20 km from the heart of Melbourne and a well-earned reputation for excellence across a broad range of curriculum offerings.

Our teachers are passionate and dedicated to achieving the best possible learning outcomes for our students. They embrace the philosophy of life-long learning and work in professional learning teams to develop and implement relevant and innovative programs such as the Big History program, the Taking the Challenge program, the Step Up program, Brainology and our Year 7 and Year 8 English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities Active Learning Programs. It requires enthusiasm and dedication to run these programs, and we’ve got a lot of it.

A major focus of the school is the development of a Growth Mindset in all our students. The Growth Mindset concept is based on the work of Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford University. It demonstrates the strong link between self-efficacy and learning, the need for academic challenge and the necessity of hard work and endeavour to achieve academic growth. A Growth Mindset also recognises the vital role failure plays along the path to success.

As educators we want our students to value challenge and recognise the rewards that a strong work ethic brings. We want them to understand that there can be no learning without failure and that everybody can improve in all that they do.

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