vce acceleration program warrandyte
vce acceleration warrandyte

Years 10

Catering for student choice

All Year 10 and Year 11 subjects run in the same timetable blocks. This means that in addition to the broad range of Year 10 elective subjects available, all Year 10 students have the opportunity to choose up to two subjects from the full range of VCE and VET subjects. This can be for the purpose of Breadth, Extension or Acceleration. It is our experience that all but a few Year 10 students take up this opportunity.

VCE Acceleration Program

Students who elect to take one or more VCE subjects in Year 10 have the choice the following year to accelerate into the corresponding Year 12 study, or they may choose to consolidate their understanding by retaking the Year 11 study without penalty. Of course the option also exists to take up an alternative Year 11 subject. This gives every student the opportunity to add an extra subject score to the final ATAR score without any risk of over extending themselves.

Eligible Year 10 students have priority in the following subjects:

• VET Multi Media (Units 1 and 2)
• VET Sport and Recreation (Units 1 and 2)


accelerated learning at warrandyte high

Year 10 Core Subjects



Electives – offered at Years 9 and/or Year 10

Advanced CFA
Basic Programming
Creative Writing
Design & Technology (materials)
Design & Technology (jewellery)
Design & Technology (textiles)
Digital Video, Animation, Music
Exercise & Human Body
Extensions Mathematics

Food Technology
Forensic Science
History of Film
Human Movement – Sports
Information Technology (office applications)
Mind Matters
Personal Fitness

Science Mysteries
Visual Communication
VCE units of study
Big History
Games and Strategies
Game Sense
Money Matters
Football & Basketball Program

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